About Me

How It Happened

My name is Anthony Copicotto and I am beginning a new journey as an Uber Driver in New York City. I was blessed to have a beautiful childhood as well as my High School years and leading into College. Life took all sorts of twists and turns for me, but hasn't it for all of us? I never thought in a million years that driving people around to their destinations, especially in New York City, was even an option for me. NOW IT IS! I am excited about this experience and will be chronicling my experiences with the passengers as well as behind the wheel with all of you.

A bit about myself. It's funny I want to drive for a living because for most of my life as a licensed driver I was racked with anxiety, especially at high speeds on big highways and parkways. Not anymore. I am determined to succeed and hope that my on going journey inspires you as someone else did for me in taking up this blog. As far as my personal life goes, I am a seasoned distance runner of over 25 years, specializing in the marathon distance with a PR of 2:50. I also race at 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters with PRs of 16:25 and 34:40. I lift weights to reinforce my training as a runner, although I'm not terribly strong (probably decent strength for a man my age and body type) I give it my all as with other things. A new passion for me is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I train with Renzo Gracie Rockland where I live in upstate New York and I'm so glad I made the decision to take it up. All the Instructors are patient and awe-inspiring, as well as the other students who are AWESOME! I have a little dog who I Love with all my heart. I am an animal lover and lover of nature in general. I like to hike a lot and take it all in. I am also very Spiritual in nature. I meditate as much as I can and envelope myself with things that nurture my experiences and surround myself with positive, Loving people. I am also a family-oriented person, coming from a tight knit family, most of whom hail from The Bronx and Queens. Enough about me already!

Please Connect with me!

Please, by all means, connect with me if you feel so inclined. I am usually pretty diligent about answering messages. In the event this thing gains a strong following, not saying it absolutely will but you never know, please be patient. I am not blowing you off. I'm a working guy, I respect EVERYONE even if they treat me like garbage. Hope to hear from you all!!!

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